Our production range

We design and produce industrial equipment and mainly /

FILTER-PRESSES used to separate liquid and solid. The filter-press is a machine composed of a set of vertical plates (made of cast-iron or polypropylene) covered with filter cloths. Once they are tight the ones against the others by a hydraulic cylinder, they form chambers in which the slurry to be filtered is admitted under pressure. During filtration, the filtrates are removed by some grooves behind the filter cloths whereas the solids are retained. At the end of the process, the « cakes » are released by the successive plate shiftings.

THICKENING FILTERS or “EXOFALC” FILTER. These high flowrate filters work at low pressure and have the advantages to prepare a mixing enriched with suspended matter and to extract a good quality filtered juice.

EQUIPMENT TO PRODUCE FLAT GLASS including design and manufacture of Float glass or rolled glass lehr driving mechanisms but also refurbishing of Float glass lehr rollers .

SULPHUR FURNACES  to enable to sublimate solid sulphur in SO2 gas.

We are also a subcontractor in machining thanks to :

 A mechanical workshop  to machine pieces of all dimensions.

 An assembly workshop  to enable to carry out the complete assembly and necessary controls of our machines.


Sectors of activity :

Numerous filter-presses and thickening filters have been installed since the company creation and mainly in the following sectors :

  • Urban sludge treatment,
  • Industrial sludge treatment,
  • Sugar factories and food processing industries,
  • Chemical industry and Metallurgy,
  • Pharmaceutical industries,
  • Paper-maker industry,
  • Cement industry, Kaolin, Ceramics, Pottery,
  • Mining industry.

About 150 lehr driving mechanisms for flat glass have been sold all over the world i.e. 135 for the float glass and 15 for the ornamental and/or wired rolled glass.