2016/09/14:Filtration trailer

CHOQUENET SAS carried out recently a filtration trailer



This equipment was designed to enable our customer to handle any type of slurries.
This trailer was manufactured in cooperation with our customer so that he could obtain an equipment conformable to his expectations and needs with the specifications required by his experience.

This trailer supports a filter-press of 1300 x 1300 with membrane plates intercalated with chamber plates of a 2686 litre capacity and 74 cakes. This trailer is fitted on a directional frame in order to facilitate the manoeuvre.

This filter-press designed with special features and programmable controller enables to get adapted to the product to be filtered.

In connection with the filter-press, we supplied :

– a 3000 litre tank to be able to handle alternatively the product with polymer or lime depending on the treatment sector,
– a set of pumps to enable to feed this tank,
– a peristaltic filtration pump to be able to work on very different slurries,
– and a set of buckets to recover the cakes.