Flat glass lehr drive mechanism

Glass factory

Since 1925, the CHOQUENET company has been manufacturing mechanisms and frames to drive flat glass conveyors installed after melting furnaces and tin bathes.

Our lehr drive design is simple and reliable and has been tried and tested in more than 150 flat glass manufacturing factories : at first, between the years 1925 to 1972 to convey the rolled glass (printed or ornamental) downstream the BOUDIN rolling machines and then, since the Float glass process invention by PILKINGTON, to convey the Float glass.

The lehr drive is usually driven by two main drive units and one pony drive through a single lineshaft which drives the conveyor rollers in rotation by the intermediate of wheels and helical pinions.

Refurbishing of glass factory rollers


The CHOQUENET company has developed a partnership with the American company, NEW HUDSON CORPORATION, to refurbish conveyor rollers of lehr drives.

We have locally the equipment required for the following :

  • To straighten rollers,
  • To polish rollers,
  • To fit donuts on roller bodies (various possible materials) by welding or with rivets,
  • To remove or put a lining in the type of FF800,
  • To control the roller balance and concentricity.


Roller cleaning during production


CHOQUENET can delegate a technician to glass factory sites to carry out roller cleanings during production with a special equipment called « roll cleaner » worked out by the NEW HUDSON CORPORATION.